Data Quality Campaign: Progress is Being Made in Schools

16 November 2012

Data Quality Campaign: Progress is Being Made in Schools

The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) Thursday released its annual report, Data For Action 2012, which provides a state-by-state analysis of how schools are progressing in effective data use.

The report follows one major theme: That changing the culture of education data takes systems, policies and people. The DQC found that, while states are making great progress in implementing data systems, they are lagging in:

  • Ensuring that the proper stakeholders have access to that data, including parents, educators and decision makers.
  • Building capacity to use that data to effect change in schools by developing data literacy practices for educators and programs for data sharing.

DQC reports that effective data use can improve system performance, increase transparency and improve student outcomes. The top performers highlighted in Data For Action 2012 include Kentucky, Delaware, Maine, Indiana and Ohio.

Visit the DQC site to read more about the Data For Action 2012 report and see how your state measured up!