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Our Fellows and Residents Share Their Stories

Find out what motivated our alumni and current Fellows and Residents to turn their passion into a career, how they made an impact in their role, and why they've remained in education.

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Broad Residents

Both Emily Lawson and Wendy Scott both came from backgrounds in the private sector, Emily working in a private equity firm in New York City, and Wendy as a business consultant for several years. After completing the Broad Residency, both women are now working with DC Prep to improve student outcomes in the District. 


Broad Resident 2003-2005

Tyra Mariani poised to ascend the corporate ladder. She was equipped with a degree in marketing from Howard University, an M.B.A. from Stanford and experience at Kraft Foods, McKinsey & Company and Ethcentric. In her quest for a fulfilling career, however, Mariani sought more. To effect change on a greater level, she became a Broad Resident in 2003.

Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellow, 2009

Shannah always knew that she wanted to be a part of Education Pioneers in order to make a difference in education from the leadership level. Her Graduate School Fellowship allowed her to apply her management skills to help drive success in her school from outside the classroom.

Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellow 2010, Strategic Data Project Fellow 2012-14

As a current Strategic Data Project Fellow, Kelly uses student data to measure success and implement solutions to raise student achievement in Baltimore County Public Schools.

Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellow 2007, Broad Resident 2008-10

Jeff started his career as a technology consultant, but realized early on that education was his real passion. He was placed with Prince George County Public Schools for his Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellowship as well as his Broad Residency in Urban Education. He used his technology and data skills to drive innovation district-wide.

Strategic Data Project Fellow 2010-2012

Bi is a Fellow for the School District of Philadelphia, helping collect and analyze student data, promote college and career readiness and build human capital for the district.

Strategic Data Project Fellow 2012-2014

During his fellowship at the Strategic Data Project, Atnreakn will be working in the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Unit of the Delaware Department of Education where he’ll be evaluating reform efforts funded by the federal Race to the Top program.

Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellow 2006

During her Fellowship, Cate worked with Uncommon Schools, Inc., on the roll-out of PowerSchool, a web-based student information system, to each of their schools.

Broad Resident 2006-2008

After earning her MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management, Akeshia discovered the Broad Residency. During her residency at Chicago Public Schools, she worked to engage principals in a district-managed instruction program.