Shannah Varon

Education Pioneers Graduate School Fellow, 2009

Fellowship Placement: NewSchools Venture Fund
M.B.A., Harvard University Business School

Shannah Varon had always envisioned herself as a policy maker. She attended college in Washington, D.C., and worked for a congressman who sat on the Education and the Workforce Committee. Although Shannah was interested in politics, she realized early in her career that she wasn't as knowledgeable or passionate about it as she thought.

She decided to apply for Teach For America (TFA), and spent her time in the classroom with a group of bilingual students in Rio Grande, Texas. Following her TFA experience, Shannah applied for Harvard Business School.
"I realized that the biggest driver of success in schools that I was seeing was management," Shannah says. "It was the capacity of the school leader to effectively manage their team. I went to business school with the idea of learning about management, so that I could eventually parlay it back to a different role in education."
Shannah also knew that she wanted to be a part of Education Pioneers (EP). She applied for the EP Graduate School Fellowship and found a role that allowed her to apply her management skills to help drive success in her school from outside the classroom. She now serves as the Executive Director of Boston Collegiate Charter School.